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May 10, 2010



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You're targeting better than a Marine sharpshooter!

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Celestial Wheel Predictions




January 9

Saturn is slowing down now and will stop in the sky (station) Wednesday, January 13 at 3:00 PM Universal time and turn retrograde late that evening.  ...then slow Saturn stations and then turns backward, and these (earth crust events) often occur.  ...underground fire blasting through the earth into the air. ...this is a recipe for volcanic activity.  ...Locations sensitive to volcanoes would be on Saturn's blue lines primarily, but also Mercury's green lines. of South America to maritime Canada.

In searching the web this morning, there was a delayed report in the Chinese press of a volcanic eruption in Ecuador January 12 -- the Tungurahua volcano. Volcano erupts in Ecuador.



December 12, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010

We can see the resulting economic harms from Mars' prolonged attack through early September in the following section, Debt Bombs.  Under Mars' relentless pressure, some could explode in 2010.

April 29

Notice that Greece, Portugal and Spain are just part of a much longer list for countries that may threaten to blow up. These may all be rescued this year, but that just creates more debt and is just a short term cure, like putting the finger in the leaking dike. What's really needed here is like the the fable, adults must come in to cooperatively rebuilt the entire dike.

April 30  Rising Sovereign Debt Leads to Defaults

May 1  Europe's Web of Debt

May 5  Greece and the myth of the easy economic fix

May 6  Crisis Deepens; Chaos Grips Greece

May 10  EU Preps $645 Billion Fund to Fight ‘Wolfpack,’ Debt Crisis

February 23

Mars, the planet of war, discord and energy has brought many challenges in its difficult

transit through Cancer since early October -- and this unusually long, and thereby more impactive, Cancer transit lasts until May 27.

Continued greed by banks

Wealth destruction






Winter(y) storms




Swine Flu


Mystical paranoia (U.S.)



Continued residential real estate decline
Commercial real estate beginning to bust



Mars is also machinery and equipment, and this has resulted
in a surge of computer problems.

April 1  Silver Manipulation the “worst in history”

April 1  Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind

April 11  Consumers face end of the era of cheap credit

April 16  EC accuses Goldman Sachs of defraud..

April 25 Goldman Sachs: What Hath Fraud Wrought?

May 1 Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC

May 9  Civil And Criminal Probes Launched Against JP Morgan For Silver Market Manipulation


March 31, Homes, dreams wiped out by N.E. floods

April 26 ...damage from storms that killed 12

April 28  Late-season snow dumps nearly 2 feet

May 4  More Victims Feared as Tenn. Flood Recedes

May 11  5 dead, dozens injured as tornadoes hit Plains


May 10 Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist (the infection replacing Swine Flu?)


March 20  Tug Of War


April 23  U.S. Shuts 7 Banks; Year’s Failures Rise to 57

May 3 Bank Failures

May 10  Trouble ahead for Florida banks

May 10  Fannie Mae reports $11.5B loss, requests $8.4B to stay afloat


May 7, Dow Takes a Harrowing 1,010.14-Point Trip

February 25

Today and tomorrow, the perceptional/emotional Moon will be in Cancer with aggressive Mars. This stirs everything up.

8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile 

March 4,

This Mars energy has activated the seesaw motion described in the ... U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010.  The most difficult interval will be from March 10... to May 17.  If Humpty Dumpty doesn't fall off the New York Stock Exchange wall then...



April 19

As e-mailed to the Wizard April 14, following are sensitive dates for this Mars transit ... I've been predicting a down late this spring --- I believe this will be unexpected, uncontrollable and very fast. Look for major bad news 4/21, 4/25, 4/28, 5/5 - 5/8, 5/16 - 5/19.  I expect these jolts will impact the stock markets and silver/gold -- the former diving big some days and the latter moving up in a series of steps.

The BP oil platform exploded April 20 and sank two days later

May 2  Boston Has Water Emergency

May 3  Officials' forecast grim about massive oil spill

May 4  Times Square bomb case

May 3  Death toll rises as river crests, floods Nashville

May 7  Dow Takes a Harrowing 1,010.14-Point Trip




March 20  Tug Of War

The U.S. planetary cycles change to Mars major and Jupiter minor May 17. Jupiter's moderating and benevolent influence will both tone down the conflict and bring opportunities for resolution -- regardless of whether the health care reform bill passes or not. Wisdom. confidence and sound judgment will begin to calm the sea of paranoia.  Sanity will thankfully return, and we'll look back and wonder how nuts everything was!  Fox News' galaxy of stars will fade, especially Glenn Beck. And too bad for you too, Sarah Palin, but then you've both certainly have been entertaining!

May 3  expect roughness will continue but gradually moderating until May 27, when Mars finally leaves Cancer.  Then, the planetary skies will clear.

Only Time Will Tell




Longer Term

November  Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond

1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.
2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.

Only Time Will Tell



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