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February 8, 2011


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Global Transformation Has Begun

It's Beginning

     The January 21 VedicLeaks reported on the impending Mars/Sun conjunction, The Sun will continue to approach Mars until February 4.  Then they conjoin exactly and begin to slowly separate.  The karma builds until the exact conjunction.  To be clear, this means violences increase until February 4 and then begin to decrease.

     Among the discordant karmas, actually the most notable, has been fighting for government power.*  That karma has certainly actualized.  In the Mideast, Egypt has been the primary focus, but there have been plenty of protests in the region.  Since February 4, protests have continued but have been spiraling down, following the prediction.

     Note, It won't be until February 14, however, that the Sun will escape into the next sign -- Aquarius -- away from Mars.  So, we have another difficult week ahead.  Then, the protests will have run their course.  This is true of volatile Haiti as well.

     It appears governments in both Egypt and Haiti are changing, that protests will continue in a declining way, but that immediate and violent overthrows will not result.  For other Mideast countries with nascent protests, those governments will not fail during this current Mars/Sun conjunction. 

     Thus, the question in the title of the January 29 In-depth Forecast, Does Egypt Signal Global Transformation?, and also in the February 6, Haiti -- A Metaphor & More -- A Year Later, can be answered in the negative, but only in the short term.

     The current popular protests are act one in a multi-part drama.

(*This was explained in the February 6 In-depth Forecast, Haiti -- A Metaphor & More -- A Year Later.  "Anther quality of Mars/Sun in Capricorn is that whenever this combination has occurred in modern history, governments fall.  The last previous Sun/Mars conjunction in Capricorn was in 1979, when the Shah of Iran fled and the Iranian hostage crisis occurred.   I...and the the next previous was January 1964.  That is known as Martyr's Day, in Panama.  The government in Zanzibar also fell then. The next previous was 1929, the January 6 Dictatorship in what would later be Yugoslavia.")


Did Steve Jobs Enable The Global Transformation

     These Mideast protests were organized quickly and proceeded with unprecedented coordination due to smart cell phones that don't just e-mail, like the Blackberry, but also connect with the web.  This may initially appear to be wild conjecture -- Steve Jobs, the Thomas Edison of our day, saw the future in his many inventions, especially the IPhone.  He envisioned the IPhone transforming the globe.  Jobs launched the technological marvel in June, 2007.


U.S. Inventive Creativity

       We can see the U.S.'s incredible inventive creativity in its chart.    

     Mercury, the intellect, is the primary indicator of commerce in this chart, and it is placed in the eighth house of research.  There, Mercury is intensified by Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point. Mercury's influence thereby results in inventions with commercial applications.

     The Moon rules the eighth house, suggesting that during Moon planetary cycles, great inventions result. 

     The December 1, 2007 In-depth Forecast, Through The Second Gilded Age, recounts the U.S. planetary cycles (Dasas) of Gilded Age to contraction to Progressive Age.


United States  July 4, 1776 at 6:17 PM

Philadelphia, PA

     But analysis of the Dasas can also trace great inventions.

     As Edison's invention of the light bulb changed the world by banishing the night, Jobs' invention of the IPhone is changing the world by banishing dictatorial governments' censorship.  People equipped with just a portable and inexpensive smart phone can access information from around the globe.  they can then inspire others and organize protests that can readily form, reform, to put ongoing pressure on governments -- which activities are also reported to the rest of the world.

      While there were many attempts to invent a light bulb, Edison invented the first commercially viable light bulb in 1879.


       These are the U.S. Dasas.  The 1879 light bulb and the 2007 IPhone were both commercial inventions during Moon Dasas.  In the following Mars Dasa, this planet of engineering and machinery advanced both inventions to gain wide acceptance.  They were also copied.



     Did Jobs anticipate this result?  We don't know, as it's also a mystery whether Edison fully understood the ramifications of the light bulb.  However, it seems implausible that these two great visionaries would not have dedicated themselves to these inventions so intently unless they also understood their tremendous importance in transforming society.

     The January 25, 2011 In-depth Forecast, Predictions Check --The December 2010 Mars/Rahu Conjunction  noted that Mars/Rahu toxicity nailed Steve Jobs in this closing paragraph.  The last sentence is eerily prophetic,

Finally, there's the spike in personal illnesses. Mars/Rahu was in Sagitarius, where Steve Jobs' Venus (kidneys) and Rahu are placed, directly opposite Jupiter (liver).     Resumption of health problems in one, or both, of these areas sent him into retirement.  This is not good for Apple, and truly the entire U.S. technology industry. You can thereby see how challenging planetary transits upon just one personal chart can have a major impact upon society.


     Yet, as much as we all lose from Jobs' illness likely ending his inventive career, Jobs' has already produced his greatest invention in the IPhone.   Again, the IPhone is transforming the world -- just as Edison's light bulb banished the dark.  The Iphone is banishing tyranny.



     We can add a further thought.  Wikileaks' unveiling government secrets stimulated the revolt in Tunisia.  See How WikiLeaks helped fuel Tunisian revolution.  That the information was from U.S. diplomatic cables is not so much ironic, as it shows the U.S. holds many dirty secrets as well.

     This information then spread, most seriously to Egypt.  People in both countries learned of these misdeeds via their smart phones.  And certainly Wikileaks itself also relied upon smart phones.

     Wikileaks has many more secrets to publish, and these are about democratic governments and the military/industrial complex, including the banksters.  Again, the information will spread like wildfire via smart phones, which will then be used for popular protests to bring down these tyrannical public and private institutions.  It's not just the dictators who fall  -- but all who maintain illicit power and are thereby vulnerable their actions being revealed by smart phones.


Again, Does Egypt Signal Global Transformation?

     If we add to the above the understanding that man leaving Africa through the Mideast spawned all of civilization, we can see that area is the original pivot-point which is again a beginning.  The June, 2004 In-depth Forecast, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck --Ancient Karmas, explains.


B. Ancient Karmas

     Current anthropological theory, confirmed by DNA research, proves successive migrations out of Africa spreading humanity throughout the world during the past 200,000 years, or more.  Science has traced the genetic beginnings of all humanity to ancient Africa.  Science has further identified humanity's primary route out of Africa to be through the eighty mile narrow isthmus between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea -- where the Suez Canal is now.  In tribal bands, successive adaptations of ancient man traveled out of modern-day Egypt through the Mideast funnel to spread west, east and north for Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

     Each migration wave, to pass through this area, first confronted residents from the previous migrations.  This geographical bottleneck has thereby been contested since before the dawn of history. Further, as each new migration was the future of humanity, and indigenous Mideast residents the past, each migratory clash mixed the past with the future.  The blended result still consisted of tribes, albeit tempered and enriched by confrontation, which integrated spread outward to populate the world.  From tribal unit eventually came the national identity integral to today's nation states. While migrations through the Mideast is also the model for later human expansions (from the empires of antiquity to those of the recent colonial period) and is thereby a universal trait rooted in our common DNA, it began in the Mideast, where the history of global humanity was first forged.

     As the discord from these recurring ancient clashes touched everyone, it became a pervasive and deeply ingrained aggressive karma within humanity's nature -- an instinctual but protective memory, like fear of heights, not a cultural dictate passed on such dress and diet.   (Note: It is provocative to consider astrology's interpretation of karma as the knowledge construct that preceded modern scientific DNA, especially as the accompanying concepts of reincarnation and evolution of the soul also describe what we now call evolution.)

     Our collective experiential Mideast karma is therefore not of the conscious, but of the unconscious.  It is not of the mind that knows but of the unknowing mind bound by karma -- our attachments remaining from past lives.  (We can't remember, for example, the ancient memories of falling from heights, but we hold a karmic fear of heights shielding us from harm anyway.)  It is therefore basic to growth of global consciousness to finally and definitively confront this lingering aggressive karma of expansion in the Mideast, where it was engendered -- and festers still.   We together must surrender exclusive tribalism and the equally exclusive nation states concepts as outdated karmic attachments that no longer serve to advance us but rather to destroy us.   Humanity can then move to the next integrative step -- inclusive globalization.


     The February, 2007 In-depth Forecast, Culmination In The Mideast expanded upon these concepts, suggesting the spring of that year would begin that transformation.  Well, I was off a few years, but certainly not wrong.  There is the tantalizing issue of Steve Jobs launching the IPhone that June, which invention empowered the transformation.

    With this further information, we can answer this question, Does Egypt Signal Global Transformation? in the affirmative.

     In closing, consider two fables,

     The classic Humpty Dumpty

     Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses, And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!


     And, of course, The Emperor Has No Clothes

     "The Emperor's New Clothes" is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that are invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.  When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"




     (The Celestial Wheel is composed and published on a 2006 Mac 17" PowerBook laptop.  Even five years old, it is a brilliantly designed and built computer, outshining still anything that monopolist Bill Gates, has brought to the market.  Bill Gates has no clothes either.)

Post Script February 10. Variously vulnerable  Who’s next?  Regional reverberations


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