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February 21,, 2011



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Popular Protests In The U.S



     That it's Washington's birthday today reminds us of the nation's struggle for liberty from the English king and to establishment a free, open and fair society -- replacing elitism with egalitarianism.   

      This forecast explores the Vedic Astrology and events/trends for the U.S. during this initial thrust of global transformation.  Sparks from Mideast revolts have landed in the western hemisphere.  See, the free February 8, In-depth Forecast, Global Transformation Has Begun


The Vedic Astrology

     Yesterday's Participant-restricted, entry reiterated the Vedic Leak's February 16 transit prediction for global planetary weather,

     Expect violence spikes from February 18 through February 26 as Mercury approaches, and crosses first Mars, and then passes the Sun.

     These discords will be from both sides -- protestors amping up their actions and affected governments clamping down harder to suppress dissent and break up public protests.  But, as noted above, some reforms will also be gained.


    As concerns the U.S., the February 16 entry stated,

     These early revolts result from the U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) being Mars/Jupiter/Mars from February 10 to March 2.  That karma is confirmed with the Sun/Mars/Mercury transit in the third house of desires, where the fearful but power-hungry Moon is placed.


     A another confirming karma in the U.S. chart is that Rahu (the head-of-the dragon eclipse point) has been hovering for several weeks close to the Ascendant point in the first house of the self at 5:53 Sagitarius.  The Ascendant point is the epicenter for this nation chart's identity and how it presents itself to the world -- the ego. 

     As the serpent's head, Rahu intensifies.  As an eclipse point he blocks.  He thereby stimulates a peculiar egocentricity, while simultaneously destroying self confidence.  The former brings selfishness and the latter, fear and reflexive protective action.  As ravenous and venomous Rahu is so intensely worldly, and Sagitarius signifies wealth and wisdom, the twin issues of ethics and money confront us -- in a word, conflict.

     Rahu began advancing again toward the Ascendant point February 18 -- just when Mercury (intellect) entered began entering the Mars/Sun battle.  As Rahu moves toward the Ascendant, he becomes more powerful in his toxic and intoxicating influences.  Thus, conflict is rising up.  Rahu will conjoin the 5:33 Sagitarius Ascendant point March 4.

     The other piece of this planetary karma is the U.S. planetary cycles (Dasas) change from advocacy stimulating Mars/Jupiter/Mars to conflicted and dangerous Mars/Jupiter Rahu on March 2.  (This cycle continues until April 22)

     A hurricane analogy, is Rahu is a gathering storm sitting off the coast and relentlessly pounding the shore.  It then turns toward land and accelerates.  Waves rise further, and high winds begin.  Finally, the storm strikes the already weakened shore to wreck havoc.



     VedicLeaks has already touched upon two stress areas.


     First, the February 16 VedicLeaks stated,

     There is some nascent movement already in two states.  Mountaintop removal protest continues in Kentucky, Thousands Protest Wisconsin Governor's Plan To Roll Back Union Rights and Wisc. Governor Makes a Cold-Blooded Threat to Sic the National Guard on Union Workers.  The union resistance is familiar for having burst forth in the 1890s, during the first economic contraction that followed the first Gilded Age.  Recall, we're now in the Second economic contraction (the Millennium Contraction) following the Second Gilded Age.)


     Everyone knows about the Wisconsin conflict between the elite and egalitarian interests there.  What can be more egalitarian than the fundamental right of workers to organize -- which levels the playing field for labor and employers?  And if you've bought into the yellow journalism that unions are bad, just think for a moment what workers' lives were like before: unemployment and disabilities insurances, overtime pay, restrictions against child labor, safety regulations...  Those weren't the good old days.


     Second, the February 11 VedicLeaks noted, the ability to banish tyranny via the smart phone can be used anywhere -- Vision: Everyday Brits Are in Revolt Against Wealthy Tax Cheats -- Can We Do That Here.

     This English-inspired popular protest against corporate tax dodgers has arrived on U.S. shores.  See, US Uncut(The term Uncut means restoring social program cuts by collecting taxes due from corporations.)

     The February 26 date for the first protests against tax-dodging is great timing.  The pictured map isn't alive, but the one on the web site is. 

     Take a look at planned protests in your area.  While many target Bank Of America, other corporate tax dodgers will also be picketed.

     I believe the Un Cut effort against tax dodging corporations is too narrowly focused.  If Bank Of America is coerced into shutting down its offshore tax havens, it will still continue to rape homeowners, credit card holders and depositors -- this last with increasing fees and lower interest payments.  The gambling with your money (deposits) in hedges and creating of toxic securities will continue.  Executives will reward themselves with bigger and bigger compensation packages, whether or not the banks make or lose money.  If you don't yet know, or have forgotten, what bad actors these banksers truly are, here's a refresher article, Goldman Sachs and Other "Vampire Squids" Exposed. Or, spend a little time on The Daily Bail (great videos), Business Insider (insightful articles) and/or Zero Hedge (hard hitting).

     I'll be attending the US Un Cut protest in Charlotte, NC and posted these messages on that event's Face Book page,

     This is a noble goal, and a correct one, but the Banksters dominate Congress and the Obama administration.  Experience shows this.  Don't expect results, for the banksers have no consciousness of guilt and only one goal -- make money by any means at our expense.  But, we can hit them in their pocketbook by urging bank customers to take their money out.  Banks operate on very small margins -- less than 10% -- and losing deposits will shut them down.  Those deposits then can migrate to small community banks which treat customers fairly and actually make reasonable loans for mortgages, businesses, etc.  Why Feed The Beast When You Can Starve Him?

PS  Local community banks also actually pay their taxes. So, when Bank Of America customers move their money to these local banks, the resulting profits increase will recover taxes the banksters aren't paying.  Thereby, advocating customers Starve The Beast isupports Uncut's goal of corporations paying their taxes.


     There is a third upcoming event -- the battle in Congress on whether to pass the House's $60 billion in tax cuts or not, which can result in a government shutdown.  With the deadline March 4, the karmas point to a shutdown.  For information on this issue, see Memories of 1995 Haunt GOP as Shutdown Talk Grows.  Certainly with the Wisconsin union battle, which has spread to other states, and the U.S. Un Cut effort, the pump is primed for a nationwide outcry if the government shuts down -- because the Republicans insist on major tax cuts for domestic programs and no tax increases for the filthy rich.


Public Response

     Your position on these protests depends first upon where your money comes from and if the banksters have already harmed you.  Often, these are hard to separate.  This is, after all, economic warfare.  If you're retired, then you're receiving almost nothing in interest on your deposits, your 401K value and return are down.... If you're working now, you may have a lost a job, suffered a pay drop or increased health care and pension costs.  Millions have been raked over the coals in the real estate debacle.  Almost everyone has been hit by the banksters' schemes in their credit card and deposits accounts.  And, ask any merchant who accepts plastic how those fees have zoomed in the past decade.

    For the rich, what you do depends upon whether you feel consciousness of guilt over the suffering of others.  Egalitarian societies rest on that foundation.  Elitist societies fail that test, which enables their wealthy and privileged to dominate the lower classes.  The term is a legal one for being aware ones action or inaction harms others.  In everyday life, we call this having a guilty conscience.  Ours is an egalitarian society being taken over by the elitists. 

     I recently came up hard against three individuals lacking consciousness of guilt.  The first was a Wall Street trader who asked me to teach him learn mundane (world) astrology.  He's listed here as having pled guilty, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges 14 Defendants with More Than $20 Million in Insider Trading.  When I figured out who he is, including having worked for the devil of devils, Goldman Sachs, I turned him down.  He would only misuse the information.  The second was an ongoing client, a wealthy contractor for banksers whose job was to put sheep's clothing on that wolf.  I similarly withdrew, and the client's defence was, I also know in my heart that I am not the cause of others' misfortune anymore than any of us are.  The third was a personal products importer to a third world country which desperately needed help from multiple disasters.  When I challenged him, explaining that if the poor had a little more money, they would buy more products from him, he explained, You're analysis is correct about the inequities in XXX.  However, I have been helping the people there for years by giving them very good products at cheap prices.  That is my contribution

     I would post Google Earth images of their mansions, but there's no need to invade their privacy.  I can tell you, they are all really huge houses in exclusive neighborhoods.  I chose to fight back against these folks now because the time is ripe for effective protests -- and isn't it time that they were confronted with their evil deeds?  And, just maybe, they will see the errors in their ways and begin to do the right thing.

     Consider these observations as the scenes of public protest unfold across the U.S.  For you baby boomers, who may have protested in the sixties but then sold out to money and allowed this travesty to occur, you have a special obligation.  And, if you won't act for your own interests, then consider your children's plight. Just ten percent of the nation actively protesting can turn the tide.

     Here's a video everyone should watch, Reel Wisdom: Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes.


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