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The Build Up To Crisis

Trump's mid February crisis has its roots in planetary karmas beginning January 27.  These are Venus joining Mars in Virgo and Venus//Mars opposite Jupiter.

However, Pisces is Trump's 8th house of catastrophe.  He's going to be hit very hard by global protests. 

Early February brought the additional karmas of eclipses and Jupiter retrograde.  Eclipse blocking and revealing truth influences, combined with Jupiter turning weakly retrograde -- resulting in Trump's loss of ability to convince)

With all three afflictions now happening, Trump is besieged, cornered and powerless.  The solar eclipse February 26 can be calamitous -- for remember, the Hollow Man must always be right, always win, or his ego collapses.  He can become unhinged.


February 20

Why Trump Is So "Full Of Himself" Now

The( above) February 17 entry The Build Up To Crisis described the tough karmas Trump is dealing with now by adding in the Mars/Venus conjunction in Pisces.

For Trump, Pisces is eighth is the house of life and death.  It is a tremendous source of energy, making a person full of life, but also brings downfalls -- calamity, disaster, scandal, disgrace...

Because Venus in Pisces is exalted, she really powers Trump up!  He's just full of himself and entertains others.  His rally in Florida was notable for Trump inviting a fan up to the stage.  There, he rants and raves, and Trump announces, A Star Is Born. (Really, ya gotta watch the video.)

Meanwhile, back to the serious, but boring and certainly not titillating at all business of running the country, US defense secretary Mattis stresses NATO importance with German counterpart,


February 25

Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse

Astrologically, the Sun is kingship, suggesting kings are eclipsed -- blocked -- by eclipses.  Modern democratic leaders, however, tend to have strong Saturns --servants to the people.

Trump is an exception with his powerful Sun, that was, however, in an eclipse at the time of his birth.

Let's see what happens.





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March 3

Crises Unfolding

The February 16 Celestial Wheel entry, The Buildup To Crisis, introduced the idea that planetary afflictions in February would bring Trump's administration into crisis.

His muted speech before Congress signaled a retreat from his aggressive actions.  That hasn't panned out, for Trump is again tweeting insults.  And scandal hit again with Attorney General Sessions embroiled in the Russian spying issue.

Unfortunately for Trump is Venus goes retrograde today..  That backwards motion keeps her in Pisces for way beyond her usual 30 days -- until the end of May.   This is bad for Trump because Pisces is hit eighth house of scandal, even downfall.  The eighth is like the sign of Scorpio.

Venus in Trump's chart rules his third house of close associates and tenth house of career.  (His Venus thereby carries these energies.)  Look for Jeff Sessions to suffer further, and other close associates come under fire for their hidden transgressions --secrets revealed that reside in the eighth house.  And anticipate Trump's career will suffer. As Venus is one of the female planets, look for women in Trump's life to also come under fire.


March 7

Buzz Saw Coming

The below chart March 14 shows Mercury and the Sun now in Aquarius and then moving together in Pisces.

Below are the critical dates,

Mercury goes into Pisces March 10 to March 26
The Sun transits Mercury March 14 to April 12
Mercury and the Sun together in Pisces March 14 to March 26


March 10

You Can't Lie To All The People All The time

Not mentioned in the above Mrch 7 entry is that Pisces is Mercury's fallen sign -- its weakest sign position.  This means that Mercury's intellect becomes foolish, impatient and impulsive.  And Mercury's signification for the nervous system is weakened, making Trump overly sensitive, a nervous nelly, prone to temper tantrums, even paranoia.

These negative for Trump's policy goals.  And remember, he has hidden enemies from distant places, which suggests the Russian influence issue will boil hotter and hotter on the stove.


March 14

Trump Is Now Into The Buzz Saw

The March 7 Celestial Wheel entry stated, Mercury and the Sun together in Pisces (with Venus) March 14 to March 26.  Negative for Trump:

Sensitive areas Close associates, Friends, Major goals and groups, Career

Specific issues  Foolish, impatient and impulsive -- blurting things out; Excessive creativity, which can bring impractical, even deranged, ideas; Dogmatic, autocratic, demanding, insulting and totally furious; Hidden secrets from the past -- nefarious deeds about his close associates and his own career

Health vulnerabilities Heart, Nervous system, Emergency room

(Note: There are some further health issues: stroke, right eye, the face.)

The overall impacts of these planetary karmas deny Trump any of his major policy goals and results in his being discredited.

So, yes, the buzz saw begins cutting hard now through March 26. Mickey Mouse, of course, escaped, but cartoons always have happy endings.  The real world -- not so much, SAD.



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